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Ghost Ant Pest Control  Fort Myers

Ghost Ant Pest Control Fort Myers    

Ghost ants control in Fort Myers is big business as tiny as they are.

Florida happens to be the perfect home for Ghost Ants ( Tapinoma melanocephalum) also known as sugar ants .   Ghost Ant nests unfortunately are often established inside the walls of residences and beneath floors and hidden spaces. 

This ant species can be difficult to control.  Often times bating is not always the best solution by itself. 

Finding the hidden colony the most effective way to treat the problem.

The best way to deter these tiny ant infestations include eliminating debris and mulch from finding their way into your home or business. 

Ghost ants do not bite or sting but they are annoying an difficult to get under control if the situation gets out of control.    Prevent the Ghost Ant population from growing and call Sun Pest Control of Fort Myers at first sight of the Ghost Ants.  

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